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This page contains legal information about the use of the Seaham Food Festival website.

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This page covers: cookies, copyright, disclaimer, linking to our site, privacy and data protection

For the purposes of this agreement, ‘content’ means material including, without limitation, text, graphics, video and audio material, published on this website.

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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of text that can be stored on your computer, phone or internet device by the websites you visit. Cookies have many uses, which may include storing information about you. You can find out more information about cookies at Legally, any website you visit should explain how it uses cookies.

What cookies do we use?

Spectrix booking system

To use our online sales facility you must not have disabled third party cookies in your browser. Cookies are used to keep track of your order as you proceed through the online booking process. They do not collect personal information and are not used for advertising. The cookie will be from ‘’.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the program we use to collect statistics from our website to show us how visitors use our site. We use the information to create reports and to help us to constantly improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, information like the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and which pages they visited, but we don’t get personal information, and can’t track who you are. Google Analytics creates four cookies:

  • _utma (lasts for two years)
  • _utmb (lasts for 30 minutes)
  • _utmc (lasts until you close your browser)
  • _utmz (lasts for six months)

There is more information available about Google Analytics cookies, and Google offer a Google ‘opt-out’ plugin if you don’t want their cookies to be used on your browser.


Copyright relating to databases and navigational graphics, including council branding and logo(s), and Seaham Food festival branding and logo, belongs to Durham County Council, all rights reserved. It is unlawful to duplicate or distribute any element of this, without expressed written permission. All other text and images (content) is copyright protected Durham County Council.

It is unlawful to duplicate or distribute content from this site, except as detailed below:

  • You may use the content contained in this website for reproduction in connection with presentations, reports, printed material, and other similar uses which are publicly distributed or displayed free of charge, including advertisements, posters, catalogues, brochures, and leaflets. You may also publicly display or demonstrate the website in unaltered form on a computer.
  • You may not resell, sub-license or distribute any of the content in any form. Neither may you include the content in any materials that are offered for sale, except in the case of advertisements with publications for which a cover price is payable.
  • You may not modify, distort, mutilate or alter the content. Nor may you use it in any manner which could be interpreted as suggesting the endorsement or association of any product or service in connection with pornographic, illegal or immoral materials or purposes.
  • You may not copy or adapt the code used to create this website. Nor may you attempt to decipher, de-compile, disassemble or reverse engineer any of the software comprising or in any way making up a part of the website.

Please credit any content used from this site describing the associated copyright holder. Should you require further copyright information on a particular aspect of this site please contact us for further details.


The Durham County Council and Seaham Food festival logos are available for use on publicity material produced by members of Durham County Council, and to other organisations who request permission.

Removal of copyrighted materials

Should the Website Administrator contact you to remove our materials from your site, you must do so immediately.


Please note that links to other sites are monitored but we cannot be held responsible for information contained in them. We provide the links for your own convenience and do not endorse the content. Please refer to individual websites for more information on their own legal statements.

Every effort is made to ensure that all the material on this site is up to date and accurate. However, Durham County Council does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of this website or the content. Changes are periodically made to the website and may be made at any time. We cannot accept any liability, nor in any other way be held responsible, for any damage, disruption or corruption of any user’s computer software, hardware or network which may arise as a result of the viewing of this website or its contents.

Although Durham County Council aims to provide constant, uninterrupted access to this website, we do not guarantee this. We accept no responsibility or liability for any interruption or delay.

Unless stated otherwise (for example; that you are viewing information over a secure connection) information transmitted over the internet is not secure and we cannot accept responsibility for misuse of information intercepted in this way.

Durham County Council does not claim ownership of content submitted or made available to the publicly accessible areas on the website. i.e. those areas on the website accessible to the general public (for example; message boards, postings, etc.). Although Durham County Council takes reasonable care to ensure that inappropriate material is not published, and once alerted to such material will take steps to resolve the situation, Durham County Council assumes no responsibility or liability arising from the content of any publicly accessible areas nor for any error or omission contained in any information published by users in these areas.

Linking to our site

We encourage users to establish hypertext links to the site.

You do not have to ask permission to link directly to pages hosted on our website. We do not object to you linking directly to our information. Please be aware that changes to pages and content may cause broken links. In order to avoid this, you may instead wish to link to our homepage by using:


You should not seek to associate Durham County Council with your site or any non-Durham County Council content. Nor should you suggest any endorsement or approval by Durham County Council of you, your website or any non Durham County Council product or content.

Framing and context

We do not permit our pages to be loaded into frames on your site. Our pages must load into a user’s entire window. Nor should you insert any graphic into, or play audio content over Durham County Council content, nor allow a pop-up to appear simultaneously with Durham County Council content.


We do not permit a website to link to Durham County Council if it contains material which is libellous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, or is in any way a breach of the laws of England and Wales or infringes any third party intellectual property rights.

Removal of links

You may not use the Durham County Council logo or branding without prior agreement from our Website Administrator. If our Website Administrator contacts you to remove your links to Durham County Council, you must do so immediately.

Privacy and data protection

Personal information that you send to the Seaham Food Festival through this website, or through any other means will be treated as follows

Buying tickets

Registering for an account means setting up an account with the Gala Theatre. Both the Gala Theatre and the company responsible for the performance booked are recognised as the first party.

Should you opt to receive information from us, the first party may also use your details to inform you of news or events at the Gala Theatre or in relation to the visiting company. You may choose to receive this information by post, email, or both. We may also use this data to track marketing and booking trends.

We may also, with your consent, pass on your personal details to third parties or similar arts organisation for the purposes of mailing you products that may be of interest to you.

Paying for goods and services

Any personal details you supply to Durham County Council when paying for goods and services through this website will be held and/or computerised by us for the purposes of processing your payment. Some personal details will be disclosed to banks and other financial institutions in order to process the payment.

Further information about Durham County Council’s privacy policies are available at

What browsers does our website support?

Our website has been designed to take advantage of modern web technologies. In order for these features to work correctly we recommend using the latest version of your preferred browser. This page lists the browsers our site supports.

Desktop Browsers

Browser Supported Usage on site (%)
Internet Explorer 7 No 5.75
Internet Explorer 8 No 1.16
Internet Explorer 9 No 1.38
Internet Explorer 10 No 1.13
Internet Explorer 11 Yes 26.29
Edge Yes 8.97
Firefox Yes 8.79
Chrome Yes 39.93
Safari Yes 6.47
Other No 0.12

Mobile browsers

Browser Supported Usage on site (%)
Internet Explorer 7 No 0.49
Internet Explorer 8 No 0.10
Internet Explorer 9 No 0.02
Internet Explorer 10 No 0.34
Internet Explorer 11 Yes 0.84
Edge Yes 0.36
Chrome Yes 39.35
Safari Yes 51.66
Blackberry No 0.08
Other No 6.76

Tablet browsers

Browser Supported Usage on site (%)
Windows (IE11 and Edge) Yes 0.98
Chrome Yes 22.46
Safari Yes 69.59
Amazon Silk No 6.86
Other No 0.11

What do we mean by supported browsers?

When new features are rolled out to our website, supported browsers will be tested to make sure that the new features look and work as they should. Functionality and layout bugs for existing features that are found will also be fixed for supported browsers.

Although we will not spend any staff time or resources fixing bugs and testing new features for non-supported legacy browsers, most of the site’s main functionality should continue to work although some layout issues such as overlapping images and strangely formatted bullet points may occur. This can be fixed by upgrading to a newer version of your browser