Teesdale Cheesemakers - Transcript - Seaham Food Festival

Teesdale Cheesemakers – Transcript 

[A pack of Teesdale Cheese is show on screen]

[Camera pans over to a female wearing an apron]

Man behind camera: Ok Alison.

Alison: Hi. 

Man behind camera: Teesdale Cheesemakers. Turning Teesdale into Cheesedale.

[Camera highlights the logo and slogan on Alisons apron]

Alison: Well not anymore, things have changed somewhat. So this time last year we were getting ready for Seaham Food Festival, really excited because it was the first one if you remember. 

[Alison walks into the shop and the camera follows her]

Man behind camera: That’s right yes. 

Alison: That went really well. We had a massively busy day on the Sunday. 

Man behind camera: Day two did, day one was a bit of a wet experience. 

Alison:  Bit rained off yes! But day two was great, met lots of lovely people. Got lots of new business from that. It was really successful, so we are kind of disappointed. 

Man behind camera: Yeah. 

[Alison walks into the shop and the camera follows her]

Alison: We have kind of reinvented ourselves from, so instead of prepping for Seaham what we’re doing is we are reinventing our café space.

[Camera pans around the café space as the man points out certain details]

Man behind camera: That’s right because we developed the café since last Seaham. So this is all new. This was a buyer in fact there was some of the stall that we used as Seaham was stored in here because it was a buyer. 

[A coffee machine, grinder and grill can be seen behind a counter]

So we set up ‘Café Cheesedale’ with the coffee machine and the grinder and all the grill and everything. 

Alison: And things have changed again! 

[Camera pans back around to show the other side of the café space with Alison stood under lights on strings]

Man behind camera: And we got that going. And the lights that look a bit like a milking parlour. 

[Alison pretends the milk the lights]

Man behind the camera: Exactly. And so that stopped.

Alison: Yes so now instead of prepping for Seaham or opening our café we are redesigning the shop layout so that people can shop safely. 

[Alison walks into the shop and the camera follows her]

Man behind camera: So show me!

[Camera pans around the shop to show the items on display]

Alison: So we have changed the our internal, so we have moved onto tables and chairs. We’re halfway through this at the moment as you can see. So, we’ve put some recycled orange boxes here, we’ve put our stock, a lot of local producers some of which would have been at Seaham, like Spicy Monkey, Burt Tree Pudding, Mrs B, lots of local ones. 

[Close up shots of the variety of products on sale, including the ones mentioned by Alison]

Man behind camera: Lets have a look at those. 

Alison: Caulders Kitchen. 

Man behind camera: So there’s Ian’s Spicy Monkey. 

[Close up of bags of spices by Spicy Monkey]

Alison: We’ve got Lontons Coffee which is just down the road, don’t know if they’d have been at Seaham or not but they are local. Mrs B is local shes based in Durham. 

[Alison points to bags of coffee by Lontons Coffee]

Man behind camera: What about the tea?

[Close up of the boxes of Durham Tea and Tyne Brew]

Alison: Oh yes! We’ve got Durham Tea! Durham Tea, Tyne Brew, these are all local. 

[Camera pans over to jars of chutney and jams]

Alison: Caulders kitchen, of course, theres more stock coming tomorrow.

Man behind camera: He would have been at Seaham I think. 

Alison: Yeah. Mrs B’s chutneys and jams. Burt Tree Pudding, we’ve got the puddings in the fridge and we’ve got cakes here. 

[Alison points out some cakes on the shelf]

Man behind camera: Yep, there’s everything. 

[Camera pans around to the rest of the shop including the fruit and veg]

Alison: So, we’ve got loads of them and now we’re doing fresh fruit and vegetables. So, this is completely off plan. 

Man behind camera: Yes so the offer here with the fruit and veg is, you could buy one carrot if you wanted to and then you’re just using paper bags. 

Alison: Lots of our customers need that because they live on their own. 

[Alison starts walking back through the shop and the camera follows]

Man behind camera: Yes exactly. So that’s, that’s what we’re doing. 

Alison: Yes, so instead of gearing up for Seaham.

Man behind camera: We’re here! 

Alison: We’re here gearing up for something different. 

Man behind camera: Exactly! 

Alison: But maybe next year. 

[Camera gives a view of a fridge with various chilled items in]

Man behind camera: And also we’ve got Dannys beer. 

Alison: Oh of course, Danny McColl. 

[Close up of a can of beer in the fridge]

Man Behind Camera: Yep, Danny McColl, he would have been at Seaham. 

Alison: yeah forgot about Danny. 

Man Behind Camera: Durham butter there. 

[Camera goes outside and shows the outdoor oven]

Man Behind Camera: Yeah and who knows this may become a pizza oven as well! Or it is actually but we may eventually cook a pizza in it.

[Alison laughs off screen.]

Man Behind Camera: Well you can see the weather is not too grand but yes. Teesdale Cheesemakers come and see us at Café Cheesedale. 

Alison and the man behind the camera in unison: Missing Seaham!

[Alison is waving to the camera from the door of the shop]

Man Behind Camera: Absolutely.