Screaming Chimp - Transcript - Seaham Food Festival

Niall Mckay-Mount – Screaming Chimp Transcript

[Soundtrack: Upbeat music plays throughout the clip.]

[Text: Love to all our Chimpions]

[Text: Seaham Food Festival logo. Tasty Food. Top Chefs. A Yummy Day Out.]

[Niall Mckay-Mount] Hi, Seaham Food Festival goers how are you doing? 

Well we are here talking about Seaham Food Festival in the greenhouse, where else would we be with of chillies and peppers and stuff like that. 

Well look, I just wanted to give you a heads up to be honest. Last year was awesome, sauce-some for us of course and yeah, sadly of course it was rained off but Sunday, amazing, like it as if everybody on the planet came on the Sunday it was everybody from both days that come, came on the one day. Yeah brilliant, I loved it, we did so we got loads more chimpions out there, loads more of you lovely chimpions out there yes of course we did because you know a good sauce when you see it.

So, yeah, what I would like to say is like with regard to Covid19, of course we have been doing more online sales it’s pushed us into getting better packaging eco-packaging and stuff like that because you know you have to have eco-packaging these days. Yeah, it is just really, it’s just really made us look at ourselves and what we are doing. 

But Seaham Food Festival it is, it is one of the best to be perfectly honest, although it was the first one last year it, I think it will go on from strength to strength to strength, to be honest it was a really strong one last year (laughing). So it was like it was made in Scotland from girders (laughing).

But yeah, so yeah, I will just tale you to what’s her name in the office and show you our packaging.

[Text: Screaming Chimp Chilli Sauce., #keeponchimpin]

How are you doing Seaham? Back again, all right okay this here is our eco-friendly green packaging, so well bubble wrap anyway. This has been sprayed with chemicals breaks down in two years, not five hundred years. 

These are our boxes, so yeah cardboard boxes, with Screaming Chimp on them, they have got dividers in them so we can post out orders and not worry about it breaking, I am really happy about that. And yeah, got stock here, it is just about our fourth room and our bedroom to be honest. But yeah, there you go that’s how we send orders out and you get a Screaming Chimp loyalty card now, because look you are a Chimpion of the world (laughing). Back to the kitchen.

[Image: Bottles of Screaming Chimp.]

[Text: Screaming Chimp logo. Great Taste Awards!!!, #keeponchimpin]

This is where we cook, is our little pan, twenty litre pan bought from Costco and you can see the array of sauces over there, they are delicious on all the meat, you could eat a fish on a dish you should do yourself a favour and buy yourself some flavour and then you can scream when you want to go higher. But yeah you can keep on chimping at where you can make use this week, or until Sunday, of our twenty percent off voucher code Dad 20 and get twenty percent off.

But yeah, we love Seaham Food Festival, we can’t wait until it is back on again and we can’t wait to see you guys again as well. So, with great love (blows a kiss) all I am going to say, goodbye for now and just remember to keep on chimping at Seaham Food Festival bye, bye for now. 

[Text: Seaham Food Festival logo. Tasty Food. Top Chefs. A Yummy Day Out.]