Harveys Sausages - Transcript - Seaham Food Festival

Harveys Sausages – Transcript 

[Steve is outside talking directly to the camera]

Steve: Hi everybody, it’s Steve here from Harveys Sausages and Harveys Event Catering. Just to say hello to everybody and we’re missing the opportunity to see you all at Seaham this year. Seaham Food Festival in its first-year last year was an absolutely fantastic event. Yes, unfortunately we had some really mixed weather but when the sun shone by golly everyone came out and it was an absolutely superb event. We were really looking forward to it for this year. Sadly Covid has put a stop to that for all of us and with the events diary pretty much empty for this year we decided that we’d try and concentrate on some of the things that we thought we could do rather than worrying about the things that we couldn’t do. 

So, what we’ve managed to do is sort of reinvent ourselves a little bit and created what we’ve affectionally called ‘Harveys Hotspot’. We’ve had a few different locations where we’ve popped up, basically done a pop up and catered for a lot of front-line workers in different areas. We’re also now, pretty much have based ourselves in an area just outside of Darlington, Low Coniscliffe on the A67 and that is working really really well. We’re doing a number of different things there. We’re doing our reputed sausages, we’re doing a full breakfast menu and we’re also doing some really tasty, exciting lunch specials which have gone down an absolute storm. So that’s been really really positive. 

We’ve also been doing home deliveries of our retail packs, that’s gone down really well and the numbers and the support for that have been fantastic. 

So, you know, in sort of all these challenging times we’ve had to have a relook and rethink about what we’ve been doing. We’ve been massively more proactive on social media and that has certainly paid dividends. We’re reaping the benefits of that; we’re seeing levels of traffic through our social media which we’ve never ever seen the like of before. So that’s something that we’ve had to concentrate on. And really we’re just hoping that a lot of the events that we’re missing out on at the moment are all there, coming back thick and fast when conditions allow it but until then we hope to see you all again soon. Hopefully at Seaham or one of the other great events organised by Channel events and we’ll look forward to seeing you then!

Take care, all the best folks. Bye bye.