Durham Distillery – Transcript - Seaham Food Festival

Durham Distillery – Seaham food festival transcript

[Logo of Durham Distillery on screen]

[John is stood in front of packing boxes]

John Chadwick: Hi I’m John Chadwick and I’m the managing director here at Durham Distillery. We really love Seaham Food Festival and we’re really sad that we can’t be with you to meet you all this weekend. I grew up in East Durham and loads of the team are from the local area and we regard Seaham as being a bit like home. 

[Various images of last years Seaham Food Festival, including the rain]

We have some really great memories of Seaham Food Festival, meeting loads of people and having lots of fun, even if it does rain from time to time. 

[Footage of how the distillery have been making hand sanitizer]

Its been a really odd time in the lockdown and we’ve been doing all we can to keep the business going. 

[Handmade sign for the NHS]

[Footage of University Hospital of North Durham entrance]

Very early on we were asked to make hand sanitiser for the NHS and for care homes. We changed our production over quickly to respond. 

[Various images of signs of support for the NHS and rainbows]

It feels really good that we’ve been able to put something back into the community at a time when people have been working so hard to keep us all safe and well. 

[Footage of the gin making process]

But we have been busy making gin too. A few of our stockists are still open and we are selling online but most of our stockists, sadly, are closed. Especially bars and restaurants. We love the north east food and drink scene and we really hope things bounce back quickly. So we want to make sure we’re well prepared for when they do. We also have some special surprises that we’re working on. 

[Footage of a gin glass surrounded by various fruits]

We have some new expressions of our cask age gin that we’re really excited about and we have a special new gin that we’re going to launch to celebrate the end of lockdown. 

[Footage of someone backing a bottles into a bag]

We’ve also started doing home deliveries across Durham and Sunderland so anyone who is missing seeing us at the food festival can order from us and we’ll deliver it to your door. 

[Footage of people receiving deliveries at their front door and waving to the camera]

When we set up the distillery we wanted to make top quality craft spirits, accessible to as many people as possible. We’re a lot more sensibly priced than some craft brands and that’s deliberate. We want to appeal to lots of people from different backgrounds. 

Its been great over the last few weeks meeting our customers and seeing people from all walks of life enjoying Durham Gin. 

[John is stood talking directly to the camera in front of packing boxes again]

We really hope that things are going to get back to normal over the next few weeks and months and we’ll be able to go out there and meet family and just go for a beer and visit a local restaurant. 

The north east has a tremendous sense of community and that’s really strong in places like Seaham. And I think over the last few months that’s really seen us through but over the next few weeks and months it’s going to be really important that we keep that sense of community as we try and rebuild the economy and get things back to normal. 

[Durham Distillery logo is displayed on screen.]