David, Canny Candy Gadgies - Transcript - Seaham Food Festival

David, Canny Candy Gadgies – Transcript

[David] Hi guys, I’m David and I am the owner of the Canny Candy Gadgies. I just wanted to give you a little bit of an update about what has been going during lock down with have done a fantastic collaboration with Best of Sweet Bakes using our beautiful soft caramel fudge that has been infusing it in with our brownies that’s been a real success. 

Obviously all our local stockists that have been able to stay open, have stayed open so you have been able to purchase from there.  All of our other sales, as you know, we would normally be at events, food festivals all over the North East of course they have all been closed, so all of our other sales have gone through our website. Website sales has been phenomenal, thank you very much guys, you guys have been fantastic over this period.

Running up to what would have been our next major event in our calendar is our home town food festival, obviously at Seaham. We attended last year, it was the first year of, of Seaham Food Festival and in one day, you guys, purchased from us, believe it or not, almost three days of Food Festival stock in one single day. You guys are awesome and you sure do like Canny Candy Gadgies fudge, you obviously know the qualities there and the value for money.

This year as I say there is no food festival, such a shame, but totally understandable. So, what we have done is we have put together a fantastic box of seven of our bags. In the box, what are you going to get? Let me tell you. Beautiful Clotted Cream Fudge, real traditional flavour, classic everybody likes it. You have got a Crumbly Ginger Fudge there, it is a Gold award winner from the Great Taste Awards, so it has got the Gold Award approval on there. 

Two brand new flavours that we have launched for this year one is a Banana Fudge, that’s right Banana Fudge, slightly softer texture, tastes just like those retro four bananas. Staying on the retro theme, and a real kids flavour, you asked for it so we gave it to you guys a Bubble Gum Fudge. 

Now remember all our products there is no artificial colours, flavourings or preserves in anything that we do. So, this bad boy here is totally free from all of the nasty things that is out there. No palm oil in there, it is all gluten free, remember all our products are gluten free, suitable for vegetarians.

Dark Chocolate Coated Honeycomb, it is a new product that we have launched this year. Beautiful golden nuggets enrobed in that real rich dark chocolate and yeah, you guessed it, salted caramel honeycomb enrobed in milk chocolate. Beautiful, have it with a nice up of tea, have it with your coffee, have it when the kids are going to bed, its lush.

And you have got our Honey Hard Boiled Sweets great this time of year if you are going out for a little walk, doing your daily exercise, or you are off for a little ride in the car they are great to have on hand. 

Now that is your seven bags in a box, but we are not going to stop there. To say thank you to you guys we are also going to give you a bag of our Lemon Coconut Ice, absolutely free. These boxes, in effect you are actually going to get eight bags in there, for only twenty pounds, select free P and P, we are delivering for free for you, Royal Mail Second Class post.

Huge thanks to Channel Events, Durham County Council who would obviously hold Seaham Food Festival, for letting us do these little short videos, you have been fantastic with the traders. Obviously really missing my home town food festival, I hope I kind of put that over in my passion, it is such a big thing for Seaham, little town on the coast in the North East and to have such a huge event last year was phenomenal. So thank you very much guys and I hope 2021 obviously goes ahead and it is going to be much better than this.

You guys, thank you very much stay safe, order online cannycandygadgies.com thank you very much.